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Why You Need a Life Coach Now More than Ever

Does it seem like, all we hear is bad news these days? Whether it is the war in Ukraine, the rising cost of everything, ever higher interest rates and if you live on the east coast of Australia, non-stop rain!

After 2 years of lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainty, what we thought would or should have been a return to normal, has shaped up very different than expected.

As a Life Coach, I have encountered and helped a lot of people who are finding it hard to navigate these times, where the mix of confusion about the future, a longing for a pre-covid era and generalized negativity are debilitating and distracting.

A Life Coach is a great investment at any point in your life, and even more when your environment isn't ideal. Having a Coach in your corner during these times is even better becase they will help you with:

  • Navigating this uncertain period, by encouraging, motivating and challenging you so that you are in an even better position once things look more favourable - ready to take it up another level!

  • Getting clarity of who you are, what drives you and what you stand for, as opposed to just floating through life following other people's dreams and agendas

  • Working on being more focused, efficient, organized and on top of the things you can control, so that you continue to flourish despite an uncertain environment

  • Learning how to focus an what matters and is important to You, filtering out from the noise and negativity

  • Work with your emotions, instead of being overrun by them, especially big ones such as anger and frustration, and turn these towards positive action

  • Nourish and rebuild the connections needed to thrive and live a fulfilled life

Another thing I hear quite often, is people waiting for "the perfect moment" to start their life changing projects, and this moment which never comes, because it doesn't exist! The right moment to start getting control of your life and shaping it for the best, despite what is happening around you, is NOW!

Does any this resonate with you? Get in contact NOW!

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