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High Performance Mindset Coaching


If you want to be more productive, efficient, focused and energised,  to excel in life and also spend more time on the things and activities that matter to you, this program is for you.


For men and women who want to play at their best, whether this is as a business owner or executive, parent athlete or creator - this program is designed to implement the habits shared by high achievers. and put them into action towards your big life and business goals.

What do you get after completing this program?

  • The confidence that you are at your A-game in the areas of life your want to excel in

  • Implementation of the six habits of High Performers to develop focus, influence, courage and maximize productivity all while maintaining energy levels and alignment with your broader life and values 

  • Control over the direction of your life, and tools to continuously shape your own future

  • A powerful vision that drives your forward towards hitting and exceeding the goals you set yourself

  • A framework to maintain the newly implemented habits while pursuing any goal

  • Tools to manage stress and energy levels

  • A clear understanding of your values, and how to align your actions with these so that  your live a congruent, consistent life

  • A proven methodology to move from bad habits to more resourceful ones

  • Stress management frameworks and methodologies that stick and can be implemented over and over again



How does this program work?

The High Performance Mindset Program takes 12 weeks to complete, consisting of :

  • Weekly 1-hour long sessions

  • Online materials, reflection

  • Worksheets (another 1-2 hours of "homework" each week)


Sessions can be held in person or virtually (Zoom or Google meets). You have SMS access to me for the duration of the program, the occasional call for more urgent matters is ok too.

After the 12 weeks we can continue working on any topics we identified as critical on a more sporadic basis, or to continue the support you might need during any more complex period of your life.

Ready to be a High Performer?

Not ready to talk yet?
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