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Successful Dads coaching PROGRAM

Whether you are a new dad (congratulations!), a seasoned daddy - or even a granddad, you would have noticed how hard life gets, and how your perspective shifts from just getting on with your life to being a role model, creating a legacy and maintaining your relationship and friendships running, all while keeping your needs met.

If your are struggling to find the balance between work and family, maintaining a healthy routine, managing your stress levels and your anger - I can help you.

What do you get after completing this 12 week program?

  • Clarity of what actions you need to take to be the Best Dad you always wanted to be, based on your values and vision for fatherhood

  • Increased productivity, by being more focused on the important things, reduced procrastination meaning more time for yourself and family

  • The confidence that comes from being in control of your life, and role modeling the best version of Yourself for your kids

  • Implementing good habits and getting rid of harmful ones, setting you up for success with the mindset of a high performer

  • Learn how to manage your emotions in a more productive way

  • Understand and control your anger (and not the other way around!)

  • Increase your energy levels by reducing stress

  • Improve communication with your partner to build a real team work mentality at home




How does this program work?

The Successful Dads Program takes 12 weeks to complete, consisting of:

  • Weekly 1-hour long session

  • Online materials and downloads (another 1 hour of "homework")

  • Resource library

Sessions can be held in person or virtually (Zoom or Google meets). You have SMS access to me for the duration of the program, the occasional call for more urgent matters is ok too.


After the 12 weeks we can continue working on any topics we identified as critical on a more sporadic basis, or to continue the support you might need during any more complex period of your life.

Ready to be the Dad you always wanted to be?

Not ready to talk yet?
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