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What to look for in a Life and Mindset Coach?

Mindset Coaching - Mathias Witt

Life and Mindset Coaches have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They can help you find clarity on your goals, determine the actions to achieve them and help you break down the barriers that are in your way - generally related to unhelpful thought patterns. However, there are lots of factors to consider when choosing a Coach so I've put together this guide to help you find the right one for your goals. You might be able to check some of these off by looking and reading their website, however a phone or video call will go much further in assessing whether they are the right Coach for you - so go ahead and book a free call to learn more about them.

And always remember - if unsure, your gut feel will tell you!


When looking for a Life and Mindset coach, it’s important to choose someone who is trustworthy. A good Coach will be upfront in their communication with you. They will not hide anything from you or make promises they can’t keep. How do they come across when talking to you? Are they interested in your goals and growth, or coming across rather "salesy"?


Life coaching is a growing industry, and there are many different certifications, but unfortunately anybody can call themselves a Life Coach, so make sure your prospective Coach has relevant qualifications! If you’re interested in one specific area of your life, like relationships or career, check to see if your coach has training or extensive work experience in that field. For example, if you want to get help with living a healthier life, look for a coach with additional training in nutrition and fitness.

Further, they also should have a program or outline of what and how they structure their work with them, and not making it up session by session. Ask how they would work with you, after outlining your gaols.


A Coach who has worked with a variety of clients and challenges will have more experience to draw from, and can help them better understand your needs. Ask who they have worked with in detail, what themes they helped their clients with, and specifically, what results they helped their clients achieve to get a better idea of their experience.


Testimonials are paramount - they should be very visible on their website, Google profile or their social media accounts. If even after reading good reviews you are unsure, ask whether you can talk to one of their former clients for more direct feedback!

Sense of humour

A good sense of humour is the key to being able to laugh at yourself, and can be really helpful in maintaining a positive coaching relationship. I've also found that it helps break down difficult conversations, so you're not as afraid to talk about things you've been struggling with.


A Life and Mindset coach should be empathetic. They should listen to you and ask questions that help them understand your situation, goals, and challenges in order to provide the best support possible.

An empathetic coach will not only listen but also care about what you have to say. They will genuinely want to help you improve your life without judging or criticizing you for your past choices or current situation.

And in the end, the most important thing is to be able to build a trustful relationship with your Coach, feel comfortable when talking and opening up with them, in the knowledge that they have your goals at heart - if you don't get this sense, find another one you are more comfortable with!

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