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Small kids, small problem, bigger kids....?

...bigger problems? So the saying goes, and there probably is some truth to it.

However what isn't mentioned, is that as our kids grow, so does our skill, knowledge and confidence in doing the right things.

Also, hopefully by now we learn how to surrender and let some things ahappen, understand the ever-changing nature of parenting and that we simply cannot control everything.

So how do we make sure we are the best Dads for our growing kids, troughout their life?

  • accept that things are always changing, nothing stays the same for long

  • from above, enjoy the periods of calm and control, use them to connect and spend time with your kids, playing, talking or just observing them

  • look for patterns, both in yourself and in your kids: what upsets them more (and how can you support), what motivates and engages them (and how you can foster that. What triggers you - and how could you anticipate this and avoind getting triggered, what makes you happy - how can yu get more of this (sleep not included here ; )

  • keep the conversation flowing, be open for them no matter what

  • check in with your partner at all times, what can you learn from them? Hwat are they observing, learning and struggling with?

  • from above, find ways to support your partner and ask for support where needed, nothing wrong with this!

  • and again remember, this too shall pass!

More importantly, keep it fun where you can, laughing is the best medicine and defuses most serious situations.

Need more help or somebody to talk to? I can help, reach out here. Happy to assist.

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