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First Time Dad:  Getting Ready for Dadlife + All hands on Deck

Ideal for the Dad to Be, a package of 6 sessions where you will  end up with the clarity and confidence that the changes already happening and about to happen, will make you a better man, partner and a great dad. The sessions can be split to before birth and after or whichever way you prefer.

Specifically we will work on getting you to:

  • Feel ready, confident and prepared for the big day and the amazing change about to happen in your life

  • Learn how to manage the stress from the sudden and dramatic change in your life

  • Understand how to embrace uncertainty and constant change to your advantage and not get frustrated and overwhelmed

  • Find your strengths around your new role as a dad and in your own family

  • Learn how to develop your parenting style, based on your strengths and values

  • Prepare mentally for the shift in responsibility and how to manage this as well as a career

  • Communicate more effectively and emphatically with your partner

  • Have the certainty that you aren't failing your kid and partner


First year and beyond: When things seem to have settled and new changes are on the horizon

So you've been a dad for over 6 months now, there is a routine, you and partner have established roles, however, you feel there is something missing, you're  feeling you could do more or better. You might be getting ready to start childcare with your partner returning to work, throwing new challenges into the mix.

  • Get clarity on your role as a Dad once your kids start going to childcare

  • Learn to let go and manage any anxiety arising from your kids new life stage

  • Refine your parenting style - now as your kids grows and explores more, new boundaries will have to be drawn 

  • How can you avoid passing your fears and projections onto your kid

  • Get more control back i  your life, restarting projects, hobbies or activities put on hold during your first year as a dad - without this affecting your relationship

  • Second baby on the way? No problem, lets work on setting you up for success

  • Any topic you feel is relevnat to your own goal(s)


Not a Dad or interested in other Coaching?


Mindset (Life) Coaching: feeling stuck, unhappy and haven't been able to get your selft to that next level of happyness or your life goals seem to be unattainable? I can help get that groove back and live a fulfilled life..

Executive Coaching: Career not progressing as you'd want it to? Feeling you are getting left behind as others progress or find more fulfilling jobs? Trouble engaging at work? Lets talk to get you performing (and earning!)  at your best.

Business Coaching: your business isnt quite where you want it to be? Market forces are pushing you into new directions? Need somebody to guide you trough growth/restructure or a crisis? I can help you get that.

Want to talk? Get in touch with me here or head over to  to find out more.

How does Coaching work?


Before starting to coach anybody, I like a good 20-30 min (free) talk to understand your needs, expectations and also to see whether we connect. Coaching only works if there is absolute trust, if you are 100% committed to making the changes needed and if both parties are comfortable with each other, so this is a non-negotiable.

Once we agree on specific goals, time frames and get along, we can meet weekly or fortnightly, depending on needs and agreement. Alternatively phone or Zoom sessions are available as well.

Coaching is a collaborative process, there is no telling you what to do, but instead uncovering what is best for you to achieve your goal and changes you need at this time of your life. Therefore, throughout our sessions I will seek to understand you, challenge your assumptions, help uncover your strengths and together come up with strategies and actions that will see you become the bast dad you can be!

Ready to talk? - Contact me here.

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