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What is a great dad today?

Dads these days are getting more involved, gone are the days of the Homer Simpson like clueless dad.

Dads today are more involved, still working but also switched on and present in their kids and partner's life - or are they? The expectation is certainly there, as is most likely the intention from the dads themselves. The missing link seems to be the actions - how to turn the intention of being a great dad into reality, in the day to day grind, alongside the usual work pressures, social commitments (if there are any left) and the relationship with your partner.

Do you know any great role models to look up to? Did you have a great dad you can "copy"a parenting style from? Where are the dad role models out there? Don't get me wrong, my dad was awesome, but in the 70s and 80s he just wasn't expected and didn't get hands on much, so he probably wouldn't be able to share too much.

I believe we all have the potential to be a great dad, we just need help in bringing that greatness out. Get in touch today for a phone chat and see how I can help.

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