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New Year's Resolutions? Make sure you do this!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

It's that time of the year again, where lots of us use the start of the year to mark a new beginning, a date from which onwards we will BE different, DO new things and HAVE new (or perhaps less) things.

But year after year, whatever resolutions you set, these end up by the wayside and you go back to doing the same things, behaving the same way and no major changes happen. Popular fitness app STRAVA identified from their 2019 activity logs that January 19th is the day resolutions are abandoned (now known as "Quitters Day").

Does this sound familiar? Setting goals, making a bucket list, choosing new habits to conquer only to drop these and go back to the same you did last year?

How can we avoid failing like in previous years? Check your goals against these points:

  1. Ask yourself - do you REALLY want to achieve this goal or do this "thing"? Does it link to Your Core Values, or is it just something everyone else does? One of the most common bucket list items on New Year's is "jumping out of a plane" (with a parachute hopefully), and yet its is still a small sport. Why? Because people state this goal as an aspirational, daring, "out there" thing to do, but for most it isn't even close to what they REALLY want. Otherwise we would have people jumping out of planes everyhwere! In other words - chose goals that are relevant to you and your life.

  2. Be specific and clear when you formulate your goals. If your goal is "to be fitter" that is a good start, but too broad to really act on. What does fitter mean to YOU? Perhaps a better example of a goal is "I want to be able to run 5km without stopping by the end of March 2023". Basically, follow the SMART goalsetting approach here, too.

  3. Take ACTION, immediately. Do not wait to take the first -even smallest- step towards this goal, and keep building momentum. If it is a big, scary goal, the first action is to develop an action plan, laying out each step and action you need, possibly also the people you need to get involved.

  4. Use your network of friends, family and co-workers. It has been proven over and over that going it alone makes it harder to achieve goals, so share your goals with people who want and can support you, and don't be afraid to ask for help. For some goals, it might even be appropriate to recruit them directly as a buddy (e.g. a running partner for the 5km goal).

  5. And if you have a major, transformative goal or a deep habit change - Get a Coach! At the lowest level the invenstment will be the driver to keep accountable, and a good coach will help you break down the beliefs that have stopped you before, help you with the goalsetting, action planning and habit creation.

If you are interested in having an amazing start to 2023, have a look at my High Performance Mindset Program, where over 12 weeks you will develop the six habits shown and used by successful, happy and high achieving individuals.

If you want to find out more about this Program, goalsetting or Coaching with me, book a free 20 minute call here.

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